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Best xbox 360 Controller for strong hands?


In the past 5 months i have gone through 3 different xbox 360 wireless controllers. Each time they always break by the right trigger cracking. It cracks right below RT symbol on the controller. I want to find a controller where that does not happen.

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  1. GameStop will soon sell a limited edition carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller. Carbon fiber is a very durable material, far stronger than plastic. I would check one of these out if you like how they look I think they should hold up.

  2. Just try and be more gentle with your controller. Pressing the trigger down further than it can go won’t make shooting or driving any faster. Learn how hard to pull it and don’t over do it 🙂

    You could always try a 3rd party pad such as Madcatz or someone, there pads may last you longer and will be cheaper to replace.

    PS. The guy above mentioned a carbon fibre pad. Its not going to be made of carbon fibre, just has carbon fibre looks in its design.

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