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Are the ps2’s still worth buying?


well, my friend bought it.
Okay, but instead of buying a ps2, I can still buy a ps3, and have ps2 games play on it aswell. ( for those who don’t know, ps3 CAN play ps2 games.) so won’t that be better? I know I just answered my own question, I just want to know what u guys think, thanks again.

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  1. absolutely YES.ps2 have a lot of amazing game’s which worth to Play with them FOREVER.i think it’s worth to buy ps2 and it’s games and keep it cause they are realy cool.

  2. Yes, if you really want to play the games that only ps2 have. Like me, i like RPG games, and some is just ps2 have. And the ps3 still kinda expensive.

  3. not really, there isn’t any new titles being made or any new hardware for it

    there is a big collection of classic games to pick and most are a bargain price

  4. The PS2 is still the best selling console of all times, while they may be lacking in the games now, it still has some of the BEST games of all time, RPGs mainly.

  5. *Looks over a pile of A-grade titles*

    Erm I say yes if you only buy the best of the best games on the PS2. you still have quite a high pile. Gran Turismo’s, Gods of Wars, Grand Theft Auto’s Final Fantasy’s.

    And it goes on! The amount of good games on the PS2 will keep it alive for 25 more years. I tell you. it has a few titles that even in 20/25 years you still are willing to play. Even if it doesn’t has 3d, HD, 9.2 audio. whatever.

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