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An Important PS3/Wii question?


I have a situation on my hand. I am at College and my wireless on my laptop broke. I use an ethernet cable with the ethernet port in my dorm room. No big, I’ll get a new laptop in November. However, I am going home for fall break soon and I only have wireless in my house (no ports in my room).

My question is: Can I use my wii or PS3 to pickup the wireless and connect my laptop to either one with an ethernet cable to create a usable access point?

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  1. When you say wifi you mean a built in wifi port in laptop? Well No you can’t use your ps3 or Wii as an hub. However I do have a solution. Buy a USB wireless device that simply plugs into your USB port and finds a signal being broadcasted through your home. They are relatively cheap and will fix your issue of not being wireless.

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