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A question about PS Vita Remote play?


I heard you will be able to play your PS3 games on your PS Vita. Is this true?

So can I play a PS3 game like Batman on my PS Vita?

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  1. no, that means some PS3 titles will also be available on PS Vita like, Uncharted, MGS4, etc etc ,.doesnt mean u can run the PS3 games on PS VITA!!

  2. You can play PS3 games on you PS Vita but it depends on the developer whether they which to include the function in the game. Shuhei Yoshida demonstrated playing Killzone 3 on the Vita.

    However if you have a hacked PS3 version 3.55 CFW, then you will be able to play most of your PS3 games via remote play.

    P.S if you want to see any of the videos; youtube TGS 2011 Killzone for official and/or homer49 for unofficial.

  3. Beep Beep Meow is right basically thats the best answer but the lag thing he/she is wrong that was the psp, the vita runs the games smoothly and sony said this will be in full effect after the pss vita is launched worldwide

  4. Well, yes and no. You’re not actually playing games ON the Vita’s hardware natively. Remote play basically allows you to “stream” your PS3 system to a compatible device, so what you actually see on your screen is a streamed video of your PS3. The Vita doesn’t render anything itself, so it’s basically like a PS3 version of that OnLive service. A lot of the time this results in a lot of lag between button presses because it’s not really. that well suited for playing games.

  5. There is a rumor that sony will release an update allowing older ps3 games to be played on the vita via remote play. A guy on youtube that goes by the name of Homer49 has a hacked ps3 and he managed to get all of his ps3 games to work on the Vita via remote play. So the vita is definitively capable. Lets hope sony supports this concept more in the future!!

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