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Oblivion Patch Help!!?


Hi, i was wondering if I could download specific patches for Oblivion on the xbox 360. Cause i only want the first patch so i can play knights of the nine exspansion. but i still want to use the duplicate glitch. please help!! if its possible please tell me how.

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  1. There is a new dupe glitch using scrolls instead of arrows which works even after all the patches are installed. (video at link below)

    It works fine on my game which I started before patching. I don’t know if that’s important or not. One thing the video gets wrong has to do with numbers of items.

    They say only dupe single items.

    you can dupe any item as long as the number of scrolls is divisible by the item count. so if you have 10 of something and use 100 scrolls it will make 10 sets of 10. this is important because if you make 1000 of something and they are all single items it might glitch up your game. better to make 10 sets of 100. like use 1000 scrolls and drop 100 quantity of what you are duping. if you understand what I mean. its like when you drop 100 arrows and it looks like 1 item but the description says 100 arrows.

    The video also says just to click on the scroll on your inventory. I learned it as double click. it might work their way too.

    Good luck.

  2. On the PC version of oblivion, I think you can load only selected patches, but on xbox it gets more complicated.

    What your going to have to do is get all your duplication done before you downlaod any patches, and then go for the patches and knights of the nine. Thats the only way I see it.

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