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Do you think we will be able to convert our gamertags over when a new xbox comes out?


I just thought about it, I’d really HATE to have to get a new gamertag when the new xbox comes out. I know it will be years, but I still want to know what you guys think will happen.

Simple yes or no with an explanation why. Please don’t be like, I don’t know but. BORING!
Also do you think we will keep gamerscore?

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  1. Although the console has changed, it’s still the same xbox live service. I imagine they will continue with that in the future.

  2. i think they will.

    the original xbox’s gamertags were moved over.people still play the orginial so i figure everything will just move over.thats how they did it in the past in sure it will be the same now.

  3. Yes. I am sure Microsoft will make sure we can keep our gamertags. They made sure of it when upgrading to 360, sure they will again. I have had the same GT since Xbox Live first launched, so I hope so.

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