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Do I need a ps3 fan for my 40gb ps3?


i just got a brand new forty gig ps3 and wanted to know if i need a cooling fan my friends got one and says you need but other people say its not necessary. Is it necessary to have a cooling fan?

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  1. i would suggest getting a cooling fan for your PS3 if you will frequently be placing it into hot areas such as running microwave ovens, hot baths, saunas, pizza ovens, etc. If not it’ll be fine.

  2. no you will not need a additional fan the fan it has is capable of keeping your ps3 cool.

    only get one if you ps3 shuts off from cause of over heating.

    fact:yes your ps3 might feel a bit hot when you touch it but it’s normal.

    fact:you know you need a fan if you can hear your ps3’s fan going loud

    “similar to loudness to fan test”.

  3. It’s a waste of money.

    The PS3 will get hot when you play it, but if place your PS3 in an open area where heat will not get trapped, your PS3 will be fine. Do not worry about it overheating.

  4. Don’t use external coolers (especially the ones that clip on PS3). They can cause overheating, because they don’t let the internal cooling system to work properly. Just put it in horizontal position and make sure it has 10 cm gap around it. When it’s off, cover it with a piece of cloth (not plastic). Gently vacuum vent holes once per month.

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