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Xbox360 Help/Weird Noise/Not reading Games Or Movies!!?


Okay So my Xbox is NOT reading My Games Nor Movies Every time I enter a Game it Makes a weird Noise And says ”reading” then ”Open Tray”.Is it an Open Tray Problem or Something to do with that noise Please help!! Any advice? HELP.

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  1. okay from the first day i had it i messed up i had a game in the console and i turned the xbox upwards and it messed up the game and xbox ur probably not as stupid as i am but if you did this thats the problem but of course it could just be the disc

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  3. the noise is your xbox struggling to read your cd that cd is broken/damaged. it happens all the time with me

  4. The Kinect update from Xbox Live on November 1, 2010 caused a large number of Xbox 360 to stop reading discs. Microsoft still hasn’t addressed the issue.

    There is a very large topic on the issue at the official forums.

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