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Xbox overheating?


Does everyone get the three lights of death at different times

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  1. I had the red ring of death. It would come and go. I would start my 360 and get it. I would restart with no problem. I ended up calling MS and sending it in. The good news is that the warranty is 3 years now because of this failure. Call them and get you box fixed. Everything was included including shipping under the warranty. I had my box for 2 and half years before this problem. Good luck.

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  2. Sorry to tell u this mate but you are in trouble. Im on my third 360 and generally what happens is that youll get the red lights every now and again. This will gradually get more frequent until one day you’ll turn it on, it will freeze at the 360 screen then die for good. Hopefully your still in warranty? if not you are screwed. Although i hear now that microsoft will ‘repair’ it for you for free, but ive heard some horror stories about that. In any case you sort it out now it will only get worse 🙁

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