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Xbox Live set up HELP!?


I’ve been trying to hook up my xbox live through my laptop all day! I’ve read all the guides, watched all the youtube videos, and still no luck getting it to work. I’ve messed around with the network connects, DNS settings, all the recommened things. Where can I get someone to walk me through it? Has anyone else had this much trouble and how did you finally get connected? I read about 1-800-4MY-XBOX, could they help me or is this just for regular customer service? If anyone could help me through messenger or emails, I would TOTALLY appreciate it 🙂 Come on, help a girl out please!

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  1. well usually you don’t go through a laptop you plug an ethernet cable straight from the back of the xbox into an internet router then use the xbox to test the connection if you still have problems at least that will give you a hint as to were the problem is occurring from your network, the internet, or the live servers

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