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Xbox Live Membership Question?


I bought a Xbox Live Membership card December 27th of last year. When I was looking through my info online, it said it would bill me and stuff. Does this mean I have to pay the fifty dollars again? I know it’s a dumb question, I’m just a little confused.

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  1. If its a prepaid and there is no credit card on it then no it will not auto renew it, if there is a credit card and the auto renew check box is checked then it will, you can check by going to account

  2. No if you bought a card at the end it will ask you if you want to renew membership (credit card charge) or revert to free(buy another card if you want but can be done whenever) if you renew or have started with a credit card you will be charged every month after your year is up untill you cancel it

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