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Xbox live keeps disconnecting?


Every 5 minutes my xbox live keeps on disconnection at times and its super retarded! Note im in Australia.

I first thought the possibility was the isp (which is optus) and it got to a point where internet and the phone line was practically disconnected (no dial tone, not even a second of connection) and we got a guy to come in to connect it back up. He admitted the phone lines were *.

But after a while it still disconnected very often. Sometimes I can play for hours straight and no disconnection. Other times once every minute to 5 mins and i’d be disconnected.

Now the speeds are really good. I never have lag, even with my laptop downloading crap and so. And we are apparently next door to several exchanges. However we are with optus and im living in a share house. But the download speeds are fine. Its just random out of nowhere im hearing someone talk in a party and in a millisecond im disconnected with no warning/ no mute pause. After disconnections I watch my wireless adapter for about 5 seconds till its stops beeping and I can connect right away.

I tried deleting my account (without deleting items), clearing cache, changing ip on xbox to manual.

None worked.

So my question is, how do I stop my xbox live from randomly disconnecting?

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