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Xbox live gamertag for a girl?


I’m setting up a profile for xbox livee, and i can’t think of a gamertagg. I’m a girl, and i want people to know that, but not have it be too obvious. My name is Jessica, (preferably Jess or Jessie)

Any ideas? 🙂

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  1. Ew, do not use xxJessxx or any variation of the x, or Gurl. That’s trashy and no one will take you seriously if you play online.

    Jessie Jessie.

    Jessie Monster.

    Jess Monster.

    Jess Chemister.



    Find some other word you like, or animal, and add some variation to it. Honestly I’m an Uncle Tom and don’t even advertise my gender through my ID unless someone actually goes to my profile, because other players get extremely annoying when they realize you’re female.

  2. I didnt know how to come up with a xbox live name either I just used to of my idols (PeytonRose) Peyton Manning and Derrick Rose. Honesty, I dont know what you are into so I would say something like winHer maybe.

  3. Dont Mess With The Jess(May Be To Long, Try and Shorten it) Dnt Mess Wit Da Jess.

    xJessica, xJESSICAx, xMissJess, Miss Jess, I’M NOT A GIRL, The Impressive Jess.

    FOR FUN I DON’T MEAN IT – Jess Wit No Chest

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