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XBox Live and connectivity.?


My wired LAN is functional and I have Internet connectivity throughout.

However, When XBox is added into the system so we can play live – there is no connection unless I remove one of the existing ethernet cables and replace it with the cable for the XBox. I’m really getting tired of switching cables in and out of my router. Any suggestions on the problem?

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  1. Are you saying that you do not have enough plugs in your router for all the cables you want to plug in?

    If so you need to buy a Hub or Switch. these inexpensive network components will allow you to connect additional devices to your network. (check the link below. Linksys EZXS55W – 5 port switch for $20 after rebate)

    If you mean that there are enough plugs but the Xbox will not function while other devices are connected to your network you may have an IP address conflict. try setting your Xbox to Automatic networking so it can get its own IP address which will not be in conflict with any other device on your network.

    Good luck.

    Will the computer work on one of the available ports? if so just switch them. one thing to try. make sure everything is set for Automatic networking. turn everything off. turn on the router. wait 30 seconds then turn on the Xbox and computer. they should be assigned IP addresses by the router.

    What is your router model number?

    When you say you have tried Automatic does that mean that you have them set to manual? what IP address do you have assigned to each of them?

    If you are using manually configured IPs that is most probably your problem. if both the computer and Xbox have the same IP they will not work together on the same network. if the IP you have configured is a public IP you will need to buy an additional router to place between your current gateway device and your internal devices. the new router will use translate the internal IPs it will assign to your Xbox and computer to the public IP on your gateway.

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