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xbox live?


if you want xbox live, then why wouldn’t you just get an xbox 360? doesn’t it come automatically with it?
and also, how much would an xbox 360 that automatically comes with a silver account of xbox live cost?

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  1. the system comes with the silver membership which is free. with this you can download arcade games, content, demos, and other things. you need points to download most of this stuff though, which can be purchased for $20 for 1600 points. you can also chat and send messages to people on your friend list. when you create a gamertag you get a month of the gold membership free. the only way to play online with other people is through the gold membership. to get online you need to buy a card from gamestop, walmart, or anywhere that sell games. 1 month is $8, 3 months is $20, and a year subscription is $50. hope this helps.

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