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Xbox HDMI port problem?


The audio is broken through the HDMI port on the xbox. I know that its not the hd cable or tv, i’ve tested both of em. The AV cable works fine, but I was wondering if there was any easy solutions, or replacement parts, or anything really. Thanks in advance
Nothing wrong with the TV, cable or the Xbox. The audio is non-existant but the video is fine

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  1. Just to double check, make sure that you are telling your XBox to output the audio as well as the video through the HDMI cable, it will automatically default to sending the audio over HDMI if you send the video over it. However, if you have done that already, the next course of action would be to get it repaired.

  2. Have you tried maybe a different HDMI cable or checking the port on your tv? If it is annoying you too much you could send it to microsft if it is under warranty, but I dont think there is a way to fix the port itself.

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