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Xbox 720 PS4 release dates?


Is their any reliable source giving an exact release date for either of these systems? I heard christmas 2013, If so I hope so I think the Xbox 360 and PS3 has ran it’s course and I think it’s time for new consoles.

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  1. There is not yet an official release date yet.

    For the PS4 some say late 2012 others say christmas 2013

    Xbox 720 microsoft want it to be out by christmas 2013

    From my personal experiance with gaming consoles they will most likley be out about the same time. Let the console war begin.

  2. No time soon. Neither company is in a hurry to release the next gen consuls because they are really costly to launch and they both feel there is still a few years left in the main life of the consul. I’ll state the same thing as I always do. Late 2014 at the earliest.

    Both companies have stated that it won’t be this year, and neither have announced anything, you can expect when it is announced to come out sometime the year after that, just like it did with the 360 and the PS3.

  3. Well nothing was presented at E3 2012 so you are going to have to wait. The MOVE and KINNECT still need “good” games so at least another 18 months.

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