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Xbox 360 with 3 Red rings of Death?


I am planing on using a heat gun the back how long and where?

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  1. dont do that i have two xboxs ones an elite and ones a pro not too long ago the pro started to get red ring and i was pissed cuz i liked havin two but u can just put it in the freezer for 15mins and it starrts working somehow hahaha

  2. The RROD is usually cause by a loose CPU, GPU heat sink and the chips heat up to fast. Why would you want to use a heat gun? If you want to fix your console I’d recommend the X-clamp fix.

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  3. If you install a Cooling System onto the back of the XBOX 360 console, the XBOX 360 will be more likely to receive the three red rings.

    (As said by Microsoft in 2008)

    The only secure way of preventing the red rings is to keep the XBOX 360 in a well-ventilated area such as a desk.

    Also make sure that you dust the XBOX 360 off regularly because dust can build up inside the XBOX 360, which can cause the 360 to over heat, followed by the three red rings.

    Microsoft does not recommend third-party devices that try and cool the XBOX 360 system.



    I recommend that you do not try and fix the XBOX 360 yourself.

    If your warranty has expired, please find a professional to fix it for you.

    You can search for 360 red ring fixes by using this site;

    USA – [url is not allowed]

    Canada – [url is not allowed]
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