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Xbox 360 slim reveiw?


i would like a rewiew on xbox live and the slim 250gb – is it worth it even tho i have a ps3? videos would help


Xbox 360 slim prices and deals?

is there gonna be an Xbox 360 slim price drop any time soon? (250 gb)

how much will it be?

boxing day prices? -cheapest places to buy?

any good bundles or deals?

(only 250gb please)

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  1. [url is not allowed].

    i think its a great buy my friend has both ps3 and xbox he said xbox is way better and online play is way better too and doesnt lagg as much plus u get cod maps a month before psn gets it

  2. I don’t think its worth it unless you really want to play Halo or Gears of War on it because Ps3 is a lot better. I have both and I bought the Xbox after the Ps3 and I think its a waste. If you want the cheapest place to is amazon and it comes with a game. There won’t be a price drop anytime soon though.

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