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Xbox 360 repair(again!) question?


Ok, I got my 360 from repair yesterday because I had video pexiliration problems and after playin like 20 mins, I got the same problem! I called Microsoft and they re gonna mail the label to me so I can send it in 4 repair-AGAIN!. Has anyone had to do this 2 times like me? Is the 2nd process longer? Do they actually fix or replace it?

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  1. Call customer support again and see if they can get your repair expedited because they did not fix it the first time. Ask nicely, and maybe you will get it back sooner.

  2. Okay tell them to give u a new xbox not ur same old one. cause they just fix it. so demand u get a new one and if it breaks again just send it back again and keep getting ur free 1 month cards

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