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XBOX 360 question.plz help?


I’m trying to play music off my Creative Zen MP4 player and it will be playing fine when it suddenly stops and says can’t find storage device

It’s plugged in trough one of the front USB Ports and it keeps disappearing from the music source list and reappearing (I’m looking at it now and it’s doing it). What’s the problem?!

So I put all my music on a memory stick and it worked fine for about a half hour and then froze entirely (complete system freeze) while playing music 🙁

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  1. I’ve had similar problems with my iPod where it doesn’t show some of the music and sometimes not showing the device at all.

    Microsoft have identified this as a problem but for now I don’t think we can do much about it 🙁

    Hope this helps though 🙂

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