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I have 2 Xbox 360’s, a slim and a fat. The slim can go online the Fat cant.

Is there any way that i can move my saved games from my Fat console to my Slim console?

My main gamer tag is on the slim console but i cant use the slim for around 6 months because im moving, and all i have is a xbox 360 fat console that cant go online. So if play for six months on the old console can i copy all of it to the new one?

(i know i cant copy achievements, doesn’t really bother me.)

Thank you in advance 🙂

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  1. yeah am sure you can just get a HDD transfer cable in 6 months time but am almost postive your allowed to have your gamertag on one XBOX360 at anytime if you go to a friends house to use your gamertag on his or her XBOX360 to play online you’ll have to recover your gamertag on his or her xbox360 to get achivements and play online then when your done simply go back home to your xbox 360 and recover your gamertag again online to play online again

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