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Xbox 360 pro HDD to Xbox 360 arcade?


I was wondering if it is possible to use your Xbox 360 pro hard drive on an Xbox 360 arcade because I already have a 20GB from an old xbox that i sold and I want to use it on a Xbox 360 arcade and i was wondering if that was possible

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  1. an xbox is an xbox even if you have the harddrive that comes with the elite (its bigger) it will still work on the arcade version or any other version. i used to have the more expensive version but i sold it and kept the hard drive. i recently purchased a arcade version and the drive works fine. also a freind 9of mine has an elite and he brought over his drive.worked fine!

  2. absolutely the basic xbox 360 design doesn’t change at all just the chrome tray front that is the only difference so just plug it on in the top and have a great ol’ time

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