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Xbox 360 Plug n’ Play battery doesn’t last much?


My Xbox 360 PnP battery has been running out very soon, i charged it on Saturday, then play on Sunday for like. wait, i didn’t played on Sunday, then Monday i played for like 2 or 3 hours, and today i have been playing for like 15 minutes and the controller is already flashing and the battery has only 2 squares, i charge the battery when i turn off my Xbox 360 so it automatically turns off when the battery has done charging, what could it be that my battery isn’t even lasting 5 hours?, also, the Plug n’ Play Charge Kit is 1 year old

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  1. If this happens, then charge the Xbox up. Next time, don’t use it too much, so you save a lot of batteries.


    If it’s the battery problem, consult the Xbox manual about this situation.

    Good luck!

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