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XBOX 360 or the PS3?


Let me be clear. I would have to do some piracy ( I know, I know.) so perhaps the 360 would be the prefered platform for me cuz of DVD. Please give good advice. I would like someones rational arguments to change my mind or confirm my decision.

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  1. I’m not sure about piracy as far as console gaming goes, but that aside, the PS3 is honestly a better buy.

    I’ve struggled with myself on this issue for a long time now, and I have both systems. Fact of the matter is, the PS3 is just the best investment right now. It’s got free online, a better Netflix service (360’s Netflix requires a Gold Account- STUPID), more console exclusive games (360 really doesn’t have that many anymore. Mass Effect and Portal being some of their better previously exclusive titles that are now on the PS3), a much better motion waggle thing, and Blu-Ray capabilities.

    Don’t get me wrong, the 360 is a great system. It by far has the best controller I’ve seen. But with all it’s RROD problems (Which DO still exist, even in the newer version of the console) and the having to pay to play online. It’s just not as wise a buy.

  2. i like the ps3 for hacking. a simple trick i learned is to reformat a harddrive to be compatable with the ps3 so games and movies ply directly off another memory unit.

  3. 360 is a deff. Yes you could watch dvd’s it has hulu netflix facebook windows live the kinnect and doesnt get hacked into for a month at a time =)

  4. For piracy i would choose the xbox 360. For the best online experience i would choose the xbox 360. For playing games i would get the xbox 360. For watching movies PS3 but thats boring.

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