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Xbox 360 Live MTU random messup question?


Uh, hi.

I turn on my xbox today, Im running a wired connection to it. It usually never has any problems. Now, today I turn it on and it fails the network connection test. It says my MTU failed. Why did it randomly do this, and can I fix it?

The only thing im suspicious of is the new update that happened today for it.

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  1. Everyone is having the same problem “MTU failed” I wouldn’t worry. within the next couple of hours

    There is a huge update coming out. it is unsure if this is going to be the “Xbox new experience update” so don’t get all excited 😛

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  2. Same here im using a wireless connection with cable internet. It has to Microsoft with the update that comes out in like 30 min. 12am (PST). hopefully. All windows XP and Vista default mtu is 1500 with any router or modem. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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