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xbox 360 live help?


i need help when ever i try to test the connection it fails,i need some1 to explain it step by step its also wired thx!

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  1. First off the first guy in this topic can go suck a d*k.

    Second I would need to know what you’re working with first in order to help you. Do you have a modem running straight to the system, or are you using a router instead?(obviously both are wired, but it makes a difference when trying to get a connection). Also just in the mean time you can try to run the xbox troubleshooter for online access, that’s just under when you hit the xbox button on your controller then go to xbox-live and it should run you through what to do. The last thing is you may have to change your system setting to instead of trying to automatically find your IP signal, you would have to manually put in the exact numbers. To find those just go on your computer, click start > run > type in cmd > run > then type in the cmd prompt “ipconfig”. Your subnet mask and IP Address should be there. Hope that helps. you can always call up xbox and have them try to run you through it as well, but try using the system’s troubleshoot first.

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