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Xbox 360 help!?


So i got gold for one month on my dads credit card for a dollar just to test it. Now in two more days its been a month.Will the gold automatically renew? I need to cancel it and go back to silver. I don’t wanna cancel my account just the gold.

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  2. If your automatic renewal is on then YES it will charge the card. But most likely what is going to happen is your one month will expire and you will no longer have the gold membership. Xbox live will send you a notification email or message through the Xbox menus (your messages) to either cancel, renew, or what they are going to do after the month expires. You definitely do not have to cancel your account, and if you do you can always recover it.

    Go to account services in your start up menus, AKA My Xbox Live Membership

  3. You have to phone 1-800-4MYXBOX to cancel your credit card otherwise IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW and charge your card.

    That, I’m afraid, is the only way to cancel. It has been a hassel for me for ages.

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