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Xbox 360 framerates on Gta 4 with 1080p?



i have a xbox 360 and i am playing on a “fat” tv.

but one day i asked my friend for a hdmi cable to try xbox 360 on a 1080p hdtv.

and after a while of playing on the hd tv it looked like the

frame -rate(fps) was lower then usual on GTA 4 with 1080p setting.

is it just me or is it lower fps on higher resolution with xbox 360?

is it like a pc that it laggs more on higher resolution?

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  1. it depends on the TV. but for a better explanation

    -Your xbox is trying to send more data-pixels across to the TV compared to normal digital analog. So you should experience somewhat of a lag since it’s trying to send more data to you tv.

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