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Xbox 360 elite vs 4gb slim?


I have the choice between a refurbished 360 elite and a 360 slim 4gb. I know I an upgrade the 4gb to a 250gb for cheap, and I would eventually. But what’s the better deal? Both 200 bucks.

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  1. xbox 360 elite

    You can get xbox 360 elite and this one is the best xbox 360 elite.

    xbox 360 console.

    Product Features

    – Hard Drive Capacity: 250GB Hard Drive Capacity

    – Gaming System Compatibility: Xbox 360

    – Bundle Includes: Splinter Cell: Conviction

    – Includes: Ethernet Cable, A/V Adapter Cable, Headset, Wireless Controllers


  2. Id go 4gb and get an external hard drive for more memory. 4gb has better tech and motherboard plus built in wifi so u dnt have to pay for the external reciever which is 100

  3. I would go with the Xbox 360 slim. It is less likely to get the Red Ring Of Death. Also the slim console has more features than the Elite.

    Hope this helps


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