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xbox 360 cooling unit question?


do i need an extra cooling unit for my new xbox 360 arcade (jasper chipset)? like a nyko intercoller etc.?

my 360 has some custom mods too.
so whose telling the truth?

yes or know.it does or it doesn’t

please state why is poss.

also if you have it etc.

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  1. I have a Nyko cooling system. Ive heard that it voids your warranty bc it is not associated with Microsoft or something. I could be wrong

  2. No. There have been multiple articles showing they actually make the units hotter. All new XBOX360’s have much better cooling systems than the first generation.

  3. i actually own a xbox 360 arcade(jasper chipset) and i think you don’t need to buy a intercooler i used to have a xbox with the falcon chipset and belive me the new one(new arcade) is cooler than the falcon i hope this help you out

  4. It depends does ur xbox overheat. Try to set away from blankets like on a table that has a hard surface also my friend had one it worked but he forgot 2 turn on once and we got the rings 🙁

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