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Xbox 360 controller on PS3?


Can someone tell me how to use a 360 controller on a PS3?
or at least a different controller other than a sixaxis or dualshock3
Update 2:
it is possible i just dont kno how, u can even go google it but i just dnt kno what to do. thats why i asked another question heres the link: [url is not allowed];_ylt=AlT5O.1nVCB8s66CfbvVmPvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090310180959AABJ0hw
Update 3:
i asked that question so mabye i can read the hdd and read the controller chip hexcode and add that code to my ps3 using yellowdog linux

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  1. Their is an add-on that you can buy for $30(i think). It will allow you to plug the wire into one of the PS3’s usb ports and a WIRED 360 controller into the add-on. Unless you have crazy modding skills, this is the only reasonable way to do it.

  2. You can’t use a X-box controller on the Ps3 because it is to big/small for the PS3.

    You can’t even use a X-box controller on the Xbox 360!

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