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xbox 360 and laptop vs PC?


j accidentally burnt my motherboard and now my brother is offering me a xbox 360 and a Core 2 duo laptop but for that i’ll have to wait till mid october till then i have a psp for surfing internet, games and music etc, he also offered me a new motherboard but if i take the motherboard now, i shall get no Laptop and 360, btw my pc specs are:-

AMD Athlon x2 7750 2.7 ghz 3 Mb cache

ECS Motherboard 740 GM (burnt)

500 Watt cooler master psu

160 and 320 GB hard disk

3 GB of DDR2 ram @ 800 mhz

the new motherboard i will get will be with 780 Chipset which will have Ati HD3200 as builtin VGA which is capable of running gta iv.

Please help me out.

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  1. you should wait,it may be a long time but you are going to smiling when you have your hands in that xbox and laptop. i wouldl wait

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