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Xbox 360 accessories?


I am getting a 60gb xbox and am unsure what accessories i should get and what i need

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  1. If you get a new 60 GB Pro, it comes with a mic and 1 controller. I suggest also buying a Play and Charge kit and a Gold card if you want to play on Xbox Live.

  2. i would say u just need a gold member ship and prob one of those chargers for the conrollar, the controllar eats batteries like crazy ohh and a good game like halo 3 or call of duty 4 or 5 unless ur not into shooting games

  3. I would definitely invest in a play and charge kit and rechargeable batteries, saves a lot of money in the long run.

    An Xbox Live gold membership is one of the main things to really enhance your xbox experience, it allows you to play online with friends or just to practice against other. It’s not very expensive, you get a one month free trial when you sign up for it, if you really like it, i would buy a year subscription, its the best deal you get basically 2 months free each time.

    If you choose to go Gold and if you play shooting games Like Halo, Call Of Duty, ect. I would advise you to buy a headset [plugs into the bottom of controller unless wireless] it makes the games more fun when playing online with a friend with other people.

    If you want to sign into your MSN account and talk to people while on your xbox i would defiantly suggest a chat pad, which plugs into the bottom of your controller, because typing with your controller takes an extremely long time.

    :] Have fun with your xbox.

  4. You only need play n charge kit. I think it comes with a controller. You don’t need the xbox live vision camera unless your going to be video chating with people.

  5. you dont need a mic there is one in the box

    get 1 other controller around £20

    a vision camera is a waste of money they are crap you will use it once and never use it again.

    You dont need accessories the only thing you will need is another controller if more than 1 person is going to playing at anyone time most accessories are a waste of money.

    Also buy good batterys to play your controller like durecell because the shop brands and stuff dont work. i bought 100 batterys for £2 and they lasted less than 1 min inside the controller while durecell last me about 3-4 weeks of a few hours every day.

  6. 1. A MIC most needed (around $20)

    2.a controller (up to $60)

    3.play n charge ($10 to $15)

    4.vision camera ($40 to $60 dollars)

    TRY THIS ONE- [url is not allowed].

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