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Will Putting my Xbox next to my router make it have a better connection?


Let’s say I have my xbox in one room and a wireless router in another, if I were to move it closer to the router like let’s say the TV right next to it will it help me have a better connection(xbox live)?

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  1. You need to be careful that your router isn’t sending a signal that can interfere with other signals you are using through your tv, xbox, or sound system. But if there is no problem, the best bet is a SHORT cat 5 cable plugged directly from your xbox to your router. But if that’s not good enough then you need a better connection ie a better service provider. Also make sure no other devices are accessing your router while you are playing.

  2. It may, but it would be fastest if you plugged the xbox directly into the router through an ethernet cable.

    Direct connections are always faster than wifi connections.

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