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Will i have problems with my new Xbox Elite?


I’ve been scared out of my mind for the last 4 weeks. My xbox has been overheating for a while now. It hasn’t in a while, but idk why but i’m just scared out of my mind. I’m getting a new Xbox Elite for Christmas and i’m just so afraid that its going to overheat. My house is usually set from 77-70 degrees. Could that be a problem? I want to know if i’m not going to have problems. I’m getting 3 Awesome games and i don’t want my xbox to overheat.

I live in Florida if that helps. In Miami.

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  1. if you’ve had it a while the dust sticks to the fans, weighs them down and keeps them from properly ventilating the system.

    But no. keeping your house at that temp will not mess up your xbox. Any chance your system is sitting on a carpet or something?

  2. k here is what u do because i have had 3 xbox 360’s because i was worried just like u.

    1. when u get it dont play for more than 20 hours for about 2 weeks because the xbox has to get use to being on for a wile. 2 about every 3-4 weeks take a rag(cloth) and wipe the back of the xbox were the holes are (fan goes)

    3. never open it.(easy to NOT do) 4. make sure it has enough room to make the air flow in and out. 5 make sure it’s layed down flat not up and down. it’s got holes on the bottom of the xbox so more air can escape. 6 DONT but an xbox 360 cooling fan. they are made to help but they don’t. 7.if after u playing it for about 3-5 hours and u put ur hand on the back of the xbox and it’s hot(like really hot) dont worry it will be fine. but if u really want to make sure it’s fine. take a fan and have it blow twords the back of the xbox. it’s like a regular xbox fan but the xbox fan just kills the xbox.

    other than that your good to go! have fun!

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