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Will I be able to access games purchased on ps store from other countries.(see details pls)?


I bought my ps3 while studying in the UK. I’m originally from Asia and will be going back to my country after I finish my studies.

I’ve got a few games that I bought on ps store currently. I can only have a few games on the HDD at the same time, obviously, because it doesn’t have space for all of them. So I have to delete one or two games and download another, if I feel like playing the other game. Depending on the size I might have to delete more or less, like mass effect 2 is huge but psone final fantasy games aren’t.

Anyway I was wondering whether when I go back home, I’d be able to download my purchased games through the store when I want to play them, or will I not be able to access the store from Asia?

If not, is there a way I can save them on an external drive or cd or something?

Any helpful/informative answer would be appreciated.

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  1. As long as you sign into the same psn account you can download the games from anywhere m but why don’t you install a 500 gig hdd into yo0ur ps3 and just keep all of your games on it at the same time?

    It’s not hard to upgrade to a larger hdd and its cheap , just buy a 2.5 inch sata 5400 rpm laptop hard drive , optionally backup your ps3 onto an external hdd , unplug the ps3 , pop off the cover and remove one screw to slide the hard drive case out

    remove 4 screws , put in the bigger hard drive and put it back together , it takes 3 minutes and one screwdriver , plug the ps3 in , update if required restore any backup you made , sign into your psn account to download your games and you’ll have more space than you need.
    The only way you’d not be able to download your games from Asia is if you’re in a country like north korea with no or restricted internet access that blocks your from getting onto psn at all , but that’s probably nothing you are worried about.

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