Home Playstation Forum why so many negative things coming from people about the PSP-Go?

why so many negative things coming from people about the PSP-Go?


i mean i love it the design and every thing i mean it could be because it’s a fusion of gameboy sp, the physick, and the psp all in one

i admit i h8 how u would have to buy from psn store to get any game but im pretty sure sony will have some kind of trade off for people who have umd’s and want to switch off but i h8ed the idea cause im 14 and dont have a credit card then i font out they sell PSN CARDS so its more convenient for me and my parents ok off topic but why do u h8 it or y do u love/like it?

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  1. Sony designed the PSP-Go to get games from PS store for 2 obvious reasons:

    1. Going online with your PSP will be Sony’s way of checking if your PSP is hacked. You can only play shared games if your PSP is hacked.

    2. Well, I mentioned it, so stop game sharing (a.k.a., “piracy”). People love free stuffs, like free games. And this is a stop to that.

    I’m sure there’s still a way around hacking the PSP GO, but you won’t enjoy it’s online capabilities if you hack it.

  2. When I heard the screen size was smaller i was not longer interested. The previous screens were small enough already. Yeah you can output it to a tv, but that defeats the purpose of a portable gaming system doesn’t it.

  3. Well, USA isn’t the center of the world. In Europe, PSN cards aren’t available at all, for example. Less people have credit cards. Another thing – PSP Go controls aren’t comfortable for people with big hands. The screen is smaller. No UMD means I have to buy everything off the internet, but not a normal store. I can’t exchange games with friends. I’m sure you won’t be able to install CFW. It’s just another Sony’s lousy attempts to drain the money. IMHO, PSP Go is a watered down version of PSP. It should be sold cheaper and not more expensive than the normal PSP.

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