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why is ps3 so much better than 360?



  1. bluray

    free online

    better graphics by a long shot!

    you can store music


    and at the end the 360 costs more than a 80GB ps3

    for instance wifi, internet bill etc.

  2. November 21, 2005 – Unless you’re the type of gamer who enjoys playing his wares under a rock, then you no doubt know by now that this week marks the official launch for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Several years in the making, the brand new hardware from Gates ‘N Company has been receiving plenty of consumer hype in the past few weeks and has been heralded by some as THE big system watch in the upcoming next-generation console wars.

    But could they be wrong?

    Don’t misunderstand us — we’ll be the first to concede that the Xbox 360 is certainly an impressive system with plenty of positives to keep its customers happy (particularly its Xbox Live component). But if you’re a fan of high-definition technology, enjoy playing more games than the “other guy,” and want to get the most possible bang for your buck, then Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 may just be the system for you.

    That got us to thinking. If Sony fans wanted to convince themselves that it’s smart to wait for the PS3 how would they do it? Well, listed below in descending order are ten reasons we think you can use to justify your wait until next year for your first next-generation upgrade. And while we absolutely came up with more reasons than those listed below, these were the selections that we felt stood out most. Sony fans this article is dedicated to you! And now without any further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Reasons to Wait for PS3!

    Reason #10: No Killer App at Launch

    360’s launch lineup is admirable; there are 18 games and five first-person shooters. It can even be argued that the 360’s overall average quality of titles is greater than that of any previous system. And yet not a single game is a Killer App? Where’s the Halo? Where’s the Mario? Where’s the Soulcalibur? Where’s the frickin’ unbridled interest?

    It’s true, though. PS2 launched with a sorry lot of games and PSOne featured a similarly disgraceful lineup, but with the advent of PS3, Microsoft may have wished it more heavily emphasized one game its new console could forever be known for. This is because PS3 has the Metal Gear potential, Warhawk, Tekken, I-8, Gran Turismo, Killzone, and a dozen other high profile games that may hit on day one that will put a smiling face to the splendid PlayStation name. And when you can associate Dante with PS3, will anything else matter?

    Reason #9: Dual-Screen and 1080p Support

    1080p! Sweet Marie! Even if most televisions don’t support it, why limit yourself to interlaced images when you can experience the glory of 1080 progressive? Support is for the weak! PS3 is forward-looking, if anything. This means when you invest in the ultimate display technology however many years down the road, PS3 will make good on your purchase by outputting the absolute best image available on the market. And according to boastful Sony reps, we’ll see games running at 120fps, too (but take that with a grain of salt).

    The Dual-Screen support also adds some interesting 3D potential. Layering images is a great way to fake depth. But if Killzone in full 3D isn’t your cup of tea, maybe panoramic F1 racing will be? The option is certainly there. If the next Ace Combat doesn’t feature dual screen-in cockpit support, we know it at least could have if it wanted to.

    Reason #8: Hefty Expandability / Connectivity Options

    Have expansion, will travel. The best way to maximize a console’s lifespan is by lining it with a thousand ports and interfaces of every type. In this way PS3 has expandability written all over it. Compact Flash, SD Card, Memory Stick, Blue Tooth, USB 2.0. If Sony ever wants to add-on, it need not limit itself to one standard. And if you ever want to jam something into your PS3, chances are you’ll be able to, assuming it’s not toast.

    Moreover, PS3 will also be intimately familiar with the PSP, meaning cross-platform associations will be all over the place. Expect PS3 games to take full advantage of the little PlayStation Portable by offering unlockable content and new multiplayer possibilities. What if a PSP player could control Otacon’s droid in the next MGS? Whoops!

    Reason #7: You Can Still Pre-Order

    It seems to happen during every system launch, but nobody ever learns their lesson. In the rush to be the first on the block to own a brand new console, mobs of people invade their local retailers while forming lines larger than what you’d see during Fourth of July weekend at Disneyland. It gets even worse once you’re inside the store — as people hurry to the videogame section eager to snatch up whatever overpriced bundle pack they can, so that the managers who decided to throw the promotion together can milk every last penny out of your paper route.

    This can be avoided, however, if you just plunk down fifty or so bucks a few months ahead of time. All you have to do in this scenario is walk right into your retailer of choice, pay of the remainder of the balance and go home with a smile on your face. With a release date of just under a year away, the PS3 still lets you do this. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, does not.

    Reason #6: Seven-Player Wireless Support

    While being able to play with six of your buddies offline in addition to playing with a single system will only be appealing for a small number of genres, it can be especially important for sports games in particular. Being able to populate an NBA or NHL team entirely with human players is something that isn’t possible on any system outside of the PlayStation line, and the PS3 will keep with this trend.

    If you’ve ever played through a season of your favorite sports game with each of your buddies taking control of a single player for the season, you know how rewarding and fun this sort of setup can be. Again, it’s only possible on a Sony system, and in the next-generation the only place to find multiplayer support of this kind will be on the PlayStation 3.Reason #5: The HD IP Camera

    The EyeToy is one of the all-time most successful peripherals released for a console for a number of reasons — the biggest being that it works phenomenally well in its simplicity. The PlayStation 3 will see the release of the HD IP camera, which we’ll assume will be called the EyeToy 2, or at least something that sounds a little more consumer-friendly.

    The camera features a native HD resolution, allowing you to transmit crystal-clear images to the PS3 for online play and more. And with the increased resolution and the PS3’s processing power, the camera will allow for even more advanced, yet natural, input with the system. Take that, Microsoft and Nintendo! Plus, being that it’s IP-based, the camera’s functionality ties directly into Internet use, allowing you to transmit feeds over the Intarweb with ease.

    Reason #4: Almost Total Backwards Compatibility

    360 will let you play Halo and whatever other games Microsoft chooses to eventually support, but Sony has the PSOne and PS2 library covered, save for a few minor exceptions. Imagine booting up Tobal No. 1 just because you feel like it or taking on Shattered Soldier because you haven’t gotten your * kicked enough lately. That’s what PS3 can do for you.

    The coolest part is that PS3 may also be able to enhance the older games. Much in the same way PS2 improved PSOne games with better texture filters and enhanced load times, we expect PS3 games to add even better texture filtering, quicker loads, full scene anti-aliasing graphics and goodness knows what else. hopefully, we’re right.

    Reason #3: Stronger Japanese Developer Support

    One of the PlayStation 2’s most powerful allies in the current-gen console wars was its strong relationship with fan favorite Japanese developers. Square Enix, Konami, Capcom, Bandai, Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and Namco (among others) each offered unique content for Sony’s system that you weren’t going to find anywhere else. Tekken, Final Fantasy, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry, and a host of other games are just a few examples of this successful relationship. and none of them
    ever came out for the Xbox.

    More importantly, though, the companies above supported the PS2 more heavily than they did other systems as a general rule — and when you consider that all of the above names have already signed on for one or more projects in the first year of PlayStation 3 alone, that support is obviously going to continue. In fact, nearly 100 games were already announced by Japanese studios at or around this year’s Tokyo Game Show — which exponentially more than the confirmed Japanese titles available for the 360. And let us not forget that Sony’s own internal Japanese studio isn’t too bad its own self.

    Reason #2: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    Remember when we said that the Xbox 360 doesn’t have a killer app yet? Well the PlayStation 3’s Metal Gear Solid 4 is definitely a killer app. Game creator Hideo Kojima has shown time and time again that he knows how to craft an excellent videogame, and after witnessing the impressive real-time demonstration of Guns of the Patriots (and its accompanying trailer) at TGS this past September, we’re already convinced that the PS3 will be capable of some amazing things. A great pedigree plus great technology? Sounds good to us!

    Reason #1: The Blu-ray Player

    Sony and Company’s next-generation disc format has yet to see the light of day in its final form, but the pure technology behind the format is immensely promising from both a gaming and general entertainment standpoint. We’re talking 50GB+ of storage space here, more than 5x the space than the 360’s DVD format can muster.

    More storage space means more room for content that helps widen the possibilities of the PS3’s power. Who needs a next-gen system if you run out of content space on your media (and keep in mind, Microsoft

  3. Sony has been in the computer and entertainment electronic engineering side of the business for over 30 years. THye bring a huge amount of engineering and hardware experience to the table. Microsoft just dabbles in the hardware side of the business and instead of creating new technology they use a grabbag of existing hardware and attempt to get it to work.

    Microsoft is great at software and networking which is what they should have stayed with. But without the competition between the big 3 would we have such wonderful systems to begin with?

  4. cuz God made it that way!

    and PS3 has way better hardware

    a blu-ray player

    Best price ( based on what the PS3 offers)

    way better exclusives coming soon

    free web browser

    free online play

    and free WIFI

  5. OK first of all th PS3 is not better

    1. 360 does have better graphics, the PS3 has sort of a blurred affect

    2. There are way more compatible devices you can hook up to the X-Box

    3. WAY better online quality

    4. Granted the PS3 does have Blu-Ray but who the hell would buy a next-gen game system for movies!!

  6. the ps3 hardware is much more powerful, it has a 0.2% failure rate, looks nicer, free to play online, ability to mod slightly (hard disk drive and operating system) without voiding warranty, better exclusive games, internet bowser ( i’m typing this with my ps3) with no viruses or spyware, more comfortable controller (imo), more backwards compatibility, blu-ray dvd player built in, very quiet cooling system, and built in wifi. now let’s look at the 360’s pros, better warranty, more low quality games, and people say 360 has better internet service but i saw no difference when i played halo 3 and cod4 on my friends 360. it is obvious what system is best.

  7. the 360 overheats more often, it also experiences red lights “of death” which cause it to shut down forever. I think the ps3 has better games. The ps3 will cost less overall. 360 plus hd player plus xbox live plus controller charger and batteries is expensive. ps3 has blu-ray player built in, online is free, and controller battery lasts for years.

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