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Why Is My XBOX360 Not Reading Disks?


I just recently got a couple XBOX360 consoles from two of my friends. One had a disk drive that didn’t open, but everything else was functional. And another friend had a system that had “the red ring of death” on his system, but his disk drive worked.

I took the one drive out of the bad system, and replaced the bad disk drive in the other system that did work.

I bought COD: MW3 just so I could go online(since I just got the wireless adapter, and that also works like a charm), but everytime I pressed the A button to load the game, it just took me back to the main menu(or XBOX360 Dashboard).

Is there any way I could get it to run my game? Like, download the appropriate firmware for it or anything? I’d like to know, so I can battle with/against my best friend on COD: MW3 as soon as possible.

Much help would be appreciated if anyone knows how to do this from experience. I just hope that I DON’T have to send it to Microsoft, since I don’t have the console box or anything at all to help me get it refurbished.

Again.HELP ME make my disk drive read games.

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