Home Playstation Forum why is my ps3 slim getting hot quickly?

why is my ps3 slim getting hot quickly?


i’ve have my ps3 slim for over a year now and recently its starting to get really hot in less than 30 min and the game disc in it also gets really warm and it happens with every game

i’ve cleaned out the dust about a month ago and i made sure the power cord is plugged in the right way.

the ps3 is in a tv stand underneath the tv and is on glass surface.


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  1. For one, don’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean electronics. You run a risk of static discharge on the unit from the cleaner, and the vacuum effect may be what damaged your fan’s motor. If you have to clean out dust from the PS3, get a can of compressed air and anti static wipes.

    Second, where do you store the PS3? Make sure the PS3’s exhaust ports are never blocked or upclose to a wall of other items that’ll reflect the heat back to the PS3, as the heat will just backblast back towards the PS3 which can also damage the fans along with internal systems due to the heat buildup.

  2. Could be that your fan is broken? Can you hear it spinning super fast when it gets warm? You could’ve broken it somehow when you disassembled it to clean the dust out of it.

    Edit: Alright, but the fact that your fan is now louder might suggest its damaged somehow and not circulating air properly. If I were you, I’d replace the fan (myself if its not under warranty) just to be safe, as its really the only thing that could be making it overheat.

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