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Why doesn’t my Xbox work?


My mom took my Xbox away on Thursday and put it in her car. It’s been cold out since Thursday. I finally got it back today, but it won’t connect to the internet at all. No wireless or wired. This is the Xbox 360 Slim. Is there a way for it to get fixed?
I also already let it go back to room temperature and it still doesn’t work.

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  1. Uhoh. It may have collected moisture while it was out there. You can hope it dries out! Put it somewhere warm and dry for awhile. If that doesn’t fix it, go ahead and open the frame and try to see if you can SEE any issues concerning your cords and their fixtures to the xbox. If you can see an issue, fix it. If NOT, take it to a pro. Don’t try to do anything more than open your case if you are not handy with hardware.

    Fixing xbox’s are rather cheap. if someone charges you more than $30 bucks for a simple fix, they are over pricing you.

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