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Why does my PS3 keep shutting down?!?


Everytime I play COD Black opps it either just goes to a black screen, sometimes it works for a little bit but freezes up, and other times it just shuts down completely. The only game i ever really play is COD im not much of a gamer. BUT i paid like $600 for this PS3 when it first came out! I deserve answers! haha will updating the system fix this?

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  1. It’s because the system is old. It’s giving you crazy obvious warning signs that it’s gonna get the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) soon. YLOD is a MAJOR hardware failure that can occur from overheating, HDD issues, CPU/GPU issues and other main component issues. The it shutting down on its own part is the give-away. ALL PS3’s freeze regardless of model and there’s nothing you can do to stop or prevent it from happening. It’s the system itself that freezes (and no that doesn’t mean it’s faulty. Remember, ALL PS3’s WILL freeze.) It’s actually completely normal for them to freeze. Just make sure you turn the system off properly. You have to use the power button. Clicking it usually works. It will usually delay for about 10 seconds, beep at you then shut down. Sometimes the clicking won’t shut down the system. If the clicking happens to not work you MUST HOLD the power button instead. That will force shut down. It might take a while (between 30 seconds to 5 minutes sometimes) but it WILL force shut down. The completely WRONG way to turn the system off is to unplug it. NEVER EVER EVER unplug it while it’s on (or when it freezes, because it’s still on.) That can corrupt data on the HDD, corrupt the entire HDD itself (your system will usually have to restore itself if you unplug it and it usually corrupts some data as well despite the restore), or just simply outright kill your PS3 making it nothing more than a giant paperweight. NEVER unplug it. This is actually the main reason people break their systems. It’s because of ignorance on how to shut it down properly. And then they complain about it. It’s honestly common sense to not unplug any system. Doing that is fatal for most electronics. This is for any PS3, Fat or Slim.

    Anyway, there’s honestly not much you can do about your system acting up now. The smartest thing to do would be to get a new Slim (and they’re way better anyway.) Because you have an older model it won’t last as long as the new models.It was bound to happen sooner or later, but you were lucky you got warning signs. Most won’t give you those signs. If you want to keep all your stuff then you should get an external HDD (formatted to FAT32 and at least the size as your current HDD) and do a backup of your PS3’s HDD. If the system breaks or gets the YLOD on you then there will be nothing you can do to get your stuff back. I’ll post a link that shows you exactly how to do the backup of the HDD and how to put it back onto the PS3 (it’s called Restore.) The backup/restore will work on any PS3 and it can go from Fat to Fat, Slim to Slim, Fat to Slim, Slim to Fat it doesn’t matter. You should seriously consider doing that ASAP.

    [url is not allowed]. < --Shows you how to do the backup/restore. Ignore the HDD swap, you won't be doing that. You'll just have a brand new Slim to restore it on (DO NOT BUY USED, but new. Trust me.) Hope that helps.

  2. Might do worth a shot if not try re installing the game data here’s how,

    1. Go to Game Data Utility

    2. Find Black Ops and delete it

    3. Run the game again so it re installs

    That should sort it

    Hope I helped

  3. 1 make sure the PS3’s power display after the light is red, then turn off the main power switch (thick machine thin machine power switch will have to unplug the power cord)

    2 Turn on the main power switch (or plug it in), and then pressing the power button do not let go.

    3 Please hold down the power button, after 5 seconds you hear a beep, but still do not let go of the power button.

    4 in 10 seconds you’ll hear again after the beep, then the system will shut down (release the power button).

    5 press and hold down the power button again and do not let go.

    6 Please hold down the power button for five seconds after you hear a beep, but still do not let go of the power button.

    7 After seven seconds you will hear a beep twice, then release the button.

    8. Requests screen message as described in the handle connected to the PS3, press the PS button to start in Safe mode.

    Here sharing a helpful blg:

    [url is not allowed]

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