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Why does Microsoft charge to repair an Xbox 360 if they all don’t even last more than two to three years?


Im going through two 360’s and they are trying to charge me $119.00 to repair it. So many people I know are going through these problems. I don’t understand why Microsoft can’t stand by their name, fix the problem and repair it when needed.

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  1. According to me MS is the biggest * * company of all time. First they create a console incapable of playing games (cause the darn thing keeps on breaking when i try to), secondly, they have the audacity to charge poor victims like you for playing on the thing? I feel robbed of my money cause mine had the RROD for the 3rd time! It sucks to see so much potential go down the drain.

    I really feel you should not pay them. They have promised to give a 3 year replacement to any user with RROD. Act tough with them and they will succumb. Or else send a legal notice for Mental torture cause trust me I have been loosing my senses for a while.

  2. If they are charging you then you opened the xbox at some point.they6 have a 3 year warranty on them.that covers everything.and as long as you dont tamper with the box they will fix it.So if you haven’t tampered with the box and you know no one else has fight it.the cant advertise something they cant stand by thats against the law.

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