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Which one is better PS2 or PS3?


Ps2 is alot cheaper. Its so much cheaper! 130 dollars! But compare to PS3 its 600 for a load of blue ray stuff, that not everyone in the world has. Do you think blue ray technology is gonna become more wideused like hd tvs or plasma screen tvs? So which one is better PS2 or PS3? Is it too early to get a ps3 when not everyone has blue ray technology or when dvds aren’t replaced with blue ray disks?

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  1. I would go with the PS3. The PS2 is now “old” technology compared to the superior graphics capabilities of the PS3 and the XBox 360. Just expect the games to get more complex and to have a wide variety of titles to choose from for the PS3 coming soon. The BuleRay technology just enables the game manufacturers to fit more data on one disc, so once this technology gets more refined you will see better graphics and more complex games along with higher definition for movies. I would say it is better to be ahead of the curve in this sense than to buy a product that they have stopped making new games for and that will be obsolete soon.

  2. Even Though Ps2 is cheaper but it’s “Old Fashion” now so yeah. save your money and get one ps3

    PSP is another thing that stands for “Playstation Portable”

    You can watch movies and play games with it since it’s as small as a Nintendo DS

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