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which of the disc cleaners can fix my Call of Duty 5 game?


well my problem is that the game freezes in chapter 5 i can play 1-4 with no problem and online and that is it other than that i cant beat story mode due to a scratch i have on my game

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by the way this is for the PS3 and they say they are compatible with PS3 games

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  1. Hmm.

    Its a bluray disk, that shouldn’t happen.

    Bluray’s have a special protective coating that is nearly impossible to scratch

    The last 2 wont work at all because the way they work is to make smaller scratches to scratch away the original scratch (i’m serious)

    I doubt the first one will work because it is only for small scratches and I doubt the one on your disk is small, and if I’m not mistaken it is only for regular CD’s

    If it was for any other system though the bottom 2 most likely work

  2. All games have a 90 day warranty through the manufacturer. So I would contact the manufacturer, not sure who it is specifically (sorry, I should), but they should exchange your game, just if you did the scratch I wouldn’t mention that. Just tell them it won’t read it after chapter 5, and you should have no problem.

    I wouldn’t try those disc cleaners by the way, just call to have it exchanged.

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