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Which memory do i need 4gb Xbox or 250gb?


I would like to buy an Xbox and am not sure which memory I need.

You should know that I would only use one profile I would not use xbox live

nor would I download movies or demos I would ony use games from the cd rom

the games I would play would be assassins creed rev, red dead, gta 4 and 5 (when released) La noire cod and skyrim. I would just be playing the campaign on all games

is it worth spending an extra £30 on 250gb when I can get a 4gb but run the risk of having

to spend £71 later?

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  1. You only need the 4GB model then. If you ever change your mind about Xbox live you can buy a separate HDD that you slot into the Xbox under a hidden panel.

  2. If you not going to be expansion packs or map packs you should get the 4gb one however if you are planning to get the 250 gb

    I made the mistake of getting the 4gb one and had to play $120 for a 250gb harddrive

  3. You should get the 4gb if you don’t have plans of downloading anything , but i bet you will eventually upgrade your hard drive in the future but if it’s not your goal now , then just wait buy it when you decide you need more space , a 4gb version would be ok for you by now

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