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Where & how to sell Xbox 360?


Just a few months ago i blindly bought an Xbox 360 slim just for the hell of it. I bought it along with Halo 3: ODST. I then got Halo: Reach. I am very disappointed in the console. There won’t be any good exclusives until Fall 2011, and i already have a slim PS3 so i don’t want it anymore.

Where do i sell it? Do i bring it back to the same store? Do i put it in the original box or a special box? How much would i get for it? Any extra information would be great. Best answer gets.

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  1. Electronics Boutique or Gamestation stores will buy it preowned but you might not be happy with the amount they offer. Best bet is to find someone you know who wants one but cant afford. It is worth more in its original box. If you are in North america, Ill buy the Halo games from you.

  2. You can sell it at game stop. They will give you a price. Take it back. No need for a special box :p. You can sell it on E-bay for as much as you like. Yard sale. Flea Market. Craigslist. Your newspapers classifids. Hope i helped :]

  3. You know i would try craigs list u normally can get more money than u paid for it on that site. or e-bay would be another option. or you could bring it back to the store and say you where unsatified.

  4. bringing it back to the store will only get you ripped off go to kijiji.com and pick your home city/town and post the ad I sell most my * there another one is craigslist.com I would say you could get 130 bucks for it

  5. If you still can get a refund on it that will be the best

    Check if you have the receipt and the original box

    If not you can use ebay or craiglist post it there for a price you are happy with

    Go on ebay and check what’s the going price for it

    Or ask around maybe one of your friends will want to buy it

    Good luck

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