Home Xbox Forum where do you buy 250 GB internal hard drives?

where do you buy 250 GB internal hard drives?


ok, well i plan on buying an xbox 360 slim, but i think i should get the 250 gb one, but its like 100 dollars more than the 4gb one. i know you can take the hard drvies out and swap it for a bigger one. i was thinking

1. would it end up being cheaper buying 4gb 360 and then buying the 250gb hard drive and putting it in?

2. where do you buy the internal hard drives? I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, WALMART OR WHATEVER IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME!

because i want kinect as well, and most stores here have bundles for the 360 slim 4gb with kinect and games. so i was thinking, should i just buy the hundred dollars more expensixe one and get 250 gb, or just buy the 4gb one and get another hard drive?

thankyou for your help 🙂

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  1. buy the 250GB model

    i have that one and when i bought kinect it took up almost 1 GB of space off my HD

    besides my friend got a 4GB xbox 360 free when he changed his internet provider and he bought a 250GB HDD for well over $150 plus tax

    and with over 250 GB you can install the games directly on your HD and it runs faster than playing on disc alone(you need disc to start game up)

    the 250GB 360 is your best bet

    (i got 3 xbox 360s, the original with 20GB, the Elite, and now the 250GB slim)

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