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Where can I get a Xbox 360 Controller that looks like a PS3 Controller?


You see I’m gonna buy a 360 tomorrw but I personally dont like the controller and I saw online that they had a PS3 Controller that was actually a 360 controller, but I cannot remember the site, so can anyone tell me where I can find these.

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  1. those are usually used for people who play a lot of FPS games, since the 360 is better for them, they do exist and they often work, i had one [till my sister decided to have some fun with it.] but just google it and you’ll fine one, they ARE 3rd party so theres always the little risk of getting something faulty but the really amazing high end ones can run you a few hundred because its pretty much modding the 360 controller and making it work on the PS3 [sony and microsoft purposely makes it so tht their controllers arent universal].

  2. you can’t get a xbox 360 controller that looks like a ps3 one. if you saw it online i bet that one is a scam and doesnt work. i wouldnt waste your money on that controller.

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